Tree Roots

By: Holly

Jan 31 2012

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Focal Length:29mm
Shutter:1/400 sec
Camera:Canon EOS REBEL T2i

Some of the most gorgeous pictures I’ve ever taken are of tree roots. For example, my first “photographic” picture I ever took was of a tree’s roots at Balboa Park. That tree is a popular spot for engagement shots and other photography. (Don’t believe me? Do a Google image search for “Balboa Park tree roots”.)

I took this picture of tree roots at Lake Cuyamaca this past weekend when we took the dogs up to see the snow. Clearly… it wasn’t cold enough for snow. Just another sunny winter day in San Diego! The water must get this high at some point during the year, and over time washed away the dirt that covers these roots. I’m not sure how they got their shape though.

3 comments on “Tree Roots”

  1. Might be the tree roots moving out horizontally to get to water & then the water level drops rapidly, forcing the tree roots to change direction rapidly? Random guess that is probably not correct =p And yeah, it’s been a ridiculously unusually warm winter everywhere, it seems.

  2. Pretty sure that’s just caused by erosion. Those roots likely used to be underground at some point, but then erosion of the ground around it causes them to be revealed. Pretty common occurrence for trees beside a lake. It’s pretty amazing just how big a tree’s root system can be…

  3. It’s the shape that surprises me… almost like the roots hit a wall and took a sudden downturn to make them squarish.

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